Occupy Wall Street Is people that are giving Shady Financial Information

In the current complex realm of individual finance, there is no concern customers could take advantage of a clarity that is little.

Simply do not expect you'll find any into the pages of Occupy Wall Street's brand new manifesto on personal debt.

"The Debt Resistor's Operations handbook" is 122 pages of some of the dodgiest advice that is financial've ever seen. It is no wonder the thing that is entire posted free of charge and published by "an anonymous collective" of contributors.

Their objective is admirable –– an excellent part of the advice happens to be demonstrably written with care and comprehension of our muddled economic climate –– however some of the schemes are incredibly fool-hardy we're able ton't help but call them away.

Lie regarding the identification to have free solution in the ER

Benefiting from the undeniable fact that crisis rooms are banned from turning away clients even when they don't really have insurance coverage, OWS encourages customers to directly lie to dodge bills after therapy.

"Stories of lying about identification in order to avoid crisis space bills have now been reported to us confidentially," they compose.

"You could think about changing your distinguishing information you right down to bill you, but usage extreme caution in order to avoid getting caught. so that they cannot monitor"

Make use of the news to have unwelcome bills erased

OWS protestors probably understand how to leverage media attention much better than other people, and they are moving on that knowledge to customers.

"Corporations would you like to avoid press that is bad" they say. "you can organize public demonstrations to demand that you’re given the care you need if you are denied health care.

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